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Actress Hollie has radical cosmetic dentistry done

Online | 29th May 2010

Twenty-three-year-old Hollie Russel wants to be a star, but the talented actress feels like she is being held back by the way her smile looks, particularly her teeth. When Hollie was a child she was involved in a bad accident. While crossing the road on the way to school she was hit by two cars. The accident resulted in some of her teeth being knocked out and broken, and the permanent loss of one tooth. Over the last two years she has had orthodontic work to straighten out her teeth, but there’s still a long way to go.

So Hollie visits cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr Angelo Lazaris to remake her smile. Once, the only option for that missing tooth would have been a denture on a plate, but implant technology means a new tooth can be fitted directly into her jaw bone. Hollie also makes plans with Dr Lazaris to have porcelain veneers on her chipped and discoloured front teeth.

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