General Dentistry

A Boutique Dentist in the Sydney CBD

Dr Lazaris is one of the most highly regarded dentists in Sydney, offering exclusive and holistic dentistry in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Our convenient location and superior level of care and professionalism makes Dr Lazaris’ boutique practice one of the most popular in Sydney.

Dr Lazaris provides complete dental care for all his patients and his range of services include general dental exams, scales and cleans, fillings, relief of pain,  and more specialised treatments including the removal of wisdom teeth, root canal therapies, cosmetic and reconstructive treatments – all within a central location the Sydney CBD.

Dr Lazaris also caters for the less traditional facets of dentistry including:

  • The treatment of jaw joint (TMJ) disorders
  • The treatment of headaches
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Sleep apnoea (snoring)
  • Minor oral surgery

We have an extensive network of specialist dentists in Sydney that work with Dr Lazaris in his CBD offices to supplement and enhance the range of services we offer our clientele. It is also our practice policy to care for dental emergencies including pain relief and trauma treatment immediately, leaving you with the peace of mind that in whatever circumstance, you receive the comprehensive care necessary to make your dental experience a comfortable one.

Client-Focused Dentistry in Sydney

Find out why Dr Lazaris’ boutique dentistry makes him one of the most sought after dentists in Sydney. Our practice endeavours to provide our patients with a client-focussed approach to dentistry, and our philosophy places an emphasis on prevention and minimally-invasive treatments. To complement this, we have integrated a hygiene department that caters for our patients’ active maintenance and preventive dentistry requirements.

Treat yourself with the highest level of care, precision and expertise available from dentistry in Sydney. Dr Lazaris and his team will provide you with an experience of comfort and knowledge that is unsurpassed, with personalised treatment solutions from one of the most renowned dentists within the Sydney CBD.