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Invisalign Sydney leading cosmetic dentist, Dr Angelo Lazaris is an expert at straightening teeth and restoring smiles. Dr. Lazaris is a sought after Invisalign Sydney Platinum provider and highly respected cosmetic dentist. If you are ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, then Invisalign in Sydney with Dr. Angelo Lazaris is the clear choice for a naturally beautiful smile. Having a confident smile can change everything.

Dr Lazaris is one of Australia’s most experienced, prolific and successful Sydney Invisalign providers, earning Platinum Elite Status in 2011. Combined with his experience and qualifications in all facets of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Dr Lazaris is uniquely placed to incorporate Invisalign® as part of a comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment plan to help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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what is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a revolutionary treatment that consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are changed every two weeks for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth, and your teeth only. Invisalign® utilises powerful ClinCheck®  simulation software to visualise intended tooth movements and design your case. From the results of the ClinCheck software, your custom-made, clear Invisalign® aligners are produced especially for you

Each sequential Invisalign® aligner is designed to exert precise pressure and your teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final position prescribed by Dr Lazaris.

Invisalign® offers many advantages over conventional orthodontics with braces.

  • Removable
  • Comfortable
  • Clear – barely visible
  • Customised

what are the benefits of invisalign®?

The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and no-one will notice you’re wearing these “invisible braces”, making your treatment with Invisalign fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Invisalign aligners are removable. Unlike metal braces, you are free to eat and drink what you like by simply removing the aligners for meals. You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss, making oral hygiene easy to maintain throughout the duration of your treatment.

how do Invisalign® aligners work?

The Invisalign aligners move the teeth by placing controlled forces on them at appropriate times. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign can control both the amount of movement per aligner and the timing of the applied forces. This results in efficient tooth movements to create your new smile.

how much will Invisalign® cost?

1. Your Invisalign® Cost and Initial Consultation

Invisalign cost can vary from patient to patient as it depends on the process and complexity in straightening your teeth. Invisalign cost in Sydney can range from $4K – $12K depending on the length and complexity of the invisalign treatment.

The first step to changing your smile with Invisalign® clear aligners is the consultation with Dr Lazaris. Dr Lazaris will conduct a detailed interview and clinical examination to determine the best course of treatment for your individual case. Often, there are a combination of treatments that are require to achieve an ideal result, and Dr Lazaris’ unique skill is to interpret, design and sequence your case in conjunction with other treatment modalities such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, smile or gum lifts. You will understand the overall costs for Invisalign and all other costs after your initial consultation with Dr. Angelo Lazaris.

2. Invisalign Sydney Records

This next phase of treatment involves the acquisition of all the required records to diagnose and design your case. Dr Lazaris will take a series of photographs, X-Rays and impressions that will be sent to the Invisalign HQ.

3. Clincheck Case Design

Once the Invisalign records and prescription are received, the Invisalign technicians construct the Clincheck simulation for his approval. Dr Lazaris collaborates with one of his orthodontic colleagues to refine the case design to ensure optimal results and predictability in treatment. Once an approved treatment plan is formulated, the Invisalign clear aligners are manufactured and sent to Dr Lazaris.

4. Your Invisalign treatment begins

Your first aligners will be fitted and you will be given all the instructions required to ensure the best results for your case. You will be required to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day. You will generally be given a number of aligners at a time and we will review your treatment on average every 6 to 10 weeks.  You’re on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted.

Your Sydney invisalign dentist – why dr lazaris?

  •  Not all Invisalign providers and treatments are the same. The most critical aspects of treatment success are the diagnosis and planning stages that are typically left to technicians who don’t have the benefit of personal interaction with the patient and experience in smile design.
  • Dr Lazaris is one of the few dentists in Australia to be awarded Invisalign Platinum Provider status. This means he has attained a level of clinical experience and proficiency that far surpasses that of his contemporaries.
  • Dr Lazaris has completed 100’s of Invisalign cases and achieved an exceptional level of success.
  • Dr Lazaris’ experience and Post Graduate education in Aesthetic Dentistry and smile design ensures that your Invisalign treatment will be incorporated as part of a comprehensive cosmetic treatment plan that may involve other aesthetic dental disciplines such as porcelain veneers or smile enhancement procedures.
  • Dr Lazaris designs his cases in close collaboration with an Orthodontic colleague, Dr Grant Duncan, Australia’s most experienced Invisalign provider.

Invisalign® before and after

Click here to see our gallery of Invisalign before and after cases Dr Lazaris has completed.


Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Teeth Straightening

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Each set of Invisalign aligners is worn for approximately 2 weeks, with the total treatment normally taking from 12 to 18 months. If you book a consultation for Invisalign braces with us, your dentist will give you a more exact estimate of the total treatment time you can expect

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Invisalign is like other teeth straightening procedures with respect to how it feels: you may feel some discomfort but you should not feel any actual pain. Most people report that their teeth feel a little sore when the invisible aligners are first fitted.

Can You Wear Invisalign if You Have Crowns?

Although there are some dental treatments that may preclude you from visiting an Invisalign dentist, crowns are not one of them. If you have crowns, it should make little to no difference when you have Invisalign retainers fitted.

Does Invisalign Damage Teeth?

If you follow a good oral hygiene regimen, Invisalign will not damage your teeth. Your Invisalign doctor will be able to advise you on how to properly care for your teeth after having the aligners fitted and will be able to answer any questions you have about oral hygiene and Invisalign in Sydney.

Can Invisalign Straighten Very Crooked Teeth?

You may have thought that only traditional braces could successfully treat very crowded or crooked teeth but Invisalign is actually more effective and would be our recommended treatment option for such cases. Call today to find out more about Invisalign in Sydney.