Do you want highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured restorations – created and placed during a single dental appointment?  Would you prefer not to have an impression and a temporary?  Do you prefer metal-free, biocompatible materials? Do you want durable restorations that protect your teeth? All this is now possible. Thanks to CEREC.

CEREC is cutting-edge 3D CAD/CAM computer and nano-material technology combined to create highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured restorations in a single visit. Recent advances in these fields and restorative dental theory  have provided us new avenues for treating teeth with highly aesthetic, extremely durable bonded restorations that not only strengthen teeth, but preserve natural tooth structure to preserve their biological and physical integrity.

Traditional crowns and restorative processes are time consuming, expensive and aggressive treatments that have been relegated to a historical place in our practice.

what is cerec?

CEREC is a sophisticated  digital dental restoration system that allows us to produce indirect ceramic  and nano-composite dental restorations using a variety of computer assisted technologies, including 3D imaging and CAD/CAM. With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single sitting, rather than the multiple appointments required with earlier techniques. Used in the context of our philosophy of biomimetic dentistry , superior quality restorations that are highly aesthetic, durable and preserve the natural tooth are now possible.

The recent development and release of extremely tough and durable  nano-composite/ceramic materials have added a new dimension to the CEREC technique.  The ability of CEREC to mill these materials to ultra-precise, fine sections means that little viable tooth structure is ever removed, and this bodes well for the health and longevity of the both the tooth and restoration.

A traditional crown requires the removal of up to 75% of tooth structure and is by nature highly destructive. By needing to encase the entire tooth, it often means that large sections of healthy, undamaged tooth are destroyed in order to accommodate these restorations. By contrast, CEREC overlay veneers can involve as little as 3% tooth reduction, and this inevitably means that the tooth is healthier, stronger, and lasts longer.

In our practice we have virtually eliminated traditional fillings and crowns from our services, reserving their use almost exclusively to the replacement of existing, failed crowns. Whilst conventional dentistry has served us well in the past, CEREC digital dentistry now offers an extremely attractive alternative to the discerning patient.

why cerec?

      • State of the art dentistry that makes use of the latest advances in CAD CAM and bonding technology and the latest theories in restorative dentistry
      • Complex tooth reconstructions preformed in a single visit with precision-fitting, biogeneric restorations that replicate individual tooth anatomy.
      • No impressions, no temporaries
      • Biocompatible materials that look and behave exactly like natural tooth structure
      • Patient-friendly. Preserves healthy tooth tissue and eliminates excessive drilling and tooth destruction associated with traditional crowns.
      • Clinically proven success for over 25 years. Independent scientific studies have confirmed that CEREC restorations are comparable to gold in long-term performance.
      • Restorations are milled from single blocks of pure ceramic or nano-composite materials that are highly aesthetic and extremely durable.

what’s involved?

After the cavity is prepared, the CEREC 3D laser camera scans the tooth. There are no unpleasant impressions. A 3D computer rendering of the tooth is then manipulated by Dr Lazaris utilising the powerful CEREC Biogeneric software to produce a customised restoration design that conforms precisely (up to 20 microns) to your natural tooth anatomy and form.

Dr Lazaris then chooses the appropriate material (ceramic or nano-composite) and shade and the CEREC milling unit precision-machines the restoration in a few minutes. (this eliminates the need for multiple appointments and temporaries)

The restoration is adjusted and prepared for adhesion to the primed tooth surface and bonded into place, adjusted and polished. Once the bond has matured, your tooth is transformed; strong, healthy, durable and beautiful.

why cerec with dr angelo lazaris?
Dr Angelo Lazaris in Sydney, has integrated CEREC technology with his advanced knowledge and clinical expertise in Biomimetic and adhesion dentistry to create restorations of the highest quality and longevity that are as strong and beautiful as natural teeth. These restorations are genuinely superior alternatives to destructive crown preparation procedures offer unparalleled protection of the tooth. Our treatment philosophy combines seamlessly with our dedication to personalised service to provide you with a cosmetic dental experience of comfort and optimal results.

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