Gum Lifts

Showing too much gum when you smile? Are your gums uneven, or do your teeth look too short? A gum lift is a simple smile enhancement procedure that can dramatically improve your smile with minimal fuss.

A gum lift is a cosmetic dental procedure that raises or sculpts the gum line. With the aid of specialised dental lasers, this treatment can be used to increase the length of teeth and to tone down excessively gummy smiles. We also use gum lift procedures to improve the symmetry and balance of the gum line to make your smile more attractive.

Contrary to common belief, this procedure is simple, painless and does not involve any swelling or bruising. That’s because it is a simple, superficial procedure that’s made even easier today with the use of lasers that promote rapid healing.

Used in conjunction with muscle relaxing injections to reduce the mobility of the upper lip, and even lip enhancement procedures, even the gummiest smile can be dramatically improved.

Gum lifts are often the finishing touches on many of our aesthetic cases involving Invisalign or porcelain veneers, creating beautiful, full smiles.