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Dental Staff in Sydney

Our small team is dedicated to enhancing your experience with us, and each of our members bring their unique skills and personalities to Dr Lazaris’ practice. Experienced, empathetic and energetic; we’d be lost without them.

Meet the girls…

Khaulah Zagham  – Practice Manager

khaulahAfter studying Economics (Banking and Finance) at the University of Western Sydney and working in the financial markets for many years, Khaulah was so inspired by Dr Lazaris and his work that she joined him in 2009 to take on the role of Practice Manager.

Khaulah’s financial background and experience has given her a high level of business acumen and a strong work ethic and she has taken full charge of overseeing all operational aspects of this practice.  Along with the day to day running of the practice, her role is to guide patients through all aspects of their dental and oral health treatment from initial consultation, to treatment planning, appointment scheduling and financing . Having worked with Dr Lazaris closely for so many years, she is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for each of our patients. Khaulah is exceedingly helpful and approachable and is always happy to be of assistance.

Sarah-Jane Hayman – Hygienist

sarah-janeSarah-Jane joined our Practice in December 2011 as sole Hygienist. Originally from the small town of Wanganui in New Zealand, Sarah-Jane moved to Sydney not long before joining our team.

Sarah-Jane studied at The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Endorsed in Dental Hygiene).  She worked as a dental hygienist at a private dental practice for 3 and a half years in New Zealand, before moving to China for a short while. She has worked with both children and adults and loves sharing her knowledge and educating her patients.  Her clinical role focuses on diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care, all designed to maximise your oral health.

Sarah-Jane is a vital member of this practice working alongside and in collaboration with Dr Lazaris. She has an eye for detail, a gentle hand and specialised skills that are unrivalled by her peers. She is committed to treating each individual patient with the highest level of care, and attention always.

Tamika Driscoll –  Clinical Coordinator

Tamika completed her Certificate III in dental assisting at RMIT university in 2010 and joined our practice after relocating to Sydney from Albury/Wadonga bringing with her over 3 years of industry experience.

Tamika’s experience in working within a multidisciplinary practice at Albury/Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service has given her  an appreciation into the importance of maximising the treatment outcomes for patients and a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience in many different dental procedures.

Tamika places strong importance on being able to effectively communicate with patients with, warmth and respect and is always wanting to build and strengthen her relationship with our patients.

Elvira Bonano – Dental Assistant

Elvira is currently in her third of dentistry at Charles Sturt University, and works alongside Dr Lazaris during her university holidays. Elvira came to our practice as temp 2009 and stayed on to be a permanent member of the team. Her personal knowledge and education in dentistry makes Elvira an integral part of our team.

Elvira has a genuine passion for all aspects of dentistry and loves working alongside Dr Angelo Lazaris and the team.

Rosina Kim  –  Dental Assistant

Rosie has been working alongside Dr Lazaris since September 2009. Since joining our practice she began her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Oral Health at Newcastle University and upon graduation will be a qualified Hygienist and Oral Therapist.

Rosina’s studies not only strengthens her ability to assist Dr Lazaris but also allows her to educate and teach patients comprehensively about oral health and provide valuable instructions to Dr Lazaris’ patience.

Rosina is always friendly and approachable and is committed to providing top quality to care.