Dental Technology

At Dr Lazaris’ practice we utilise the most advanced and innovative dental procedures in the world, that are the most highly aesthetic and long-lasting. Dr Lazaris uses superior techniques developed from direct collaboration with world-leaders in advanced dental treatments that are not commonly used in mainstream dentistry.

With the aid of highly sophisticated hardware and software, diagnosis and treatment are integrated in a digital workflow that can accommodate complex dental procedures never before possible .

  • 3DCT imaging and diagnostic software allows for precise visualisation and placement of implants in complex cases.
  • Our CEREC CADCAM optical acquisition unit dispenses with traditional impressions or moulds and creates highly accurate, 3D digital models that can be sent to our labs electronically, or to our onsite precision milling machine that can fabricate porcelain bonded restorations (crowns, inlays and veneers) in minutes. Restorations that are traditionally outsourced to offsite laboratories and take multiple appointments and weeks to complete can now be fabricated and bonded in a single visit.
  • Digital photography, image manipulation and electronic communication. Dr Lazaris carefully and meticulously creates photographic catalogues of each case and uses sophisticated filters and software to colour calibrate images for precise 3D shade and texture reproduction. Our porcelain restorations are created to our unique and exacting prescriptions to consistently achieve highly reproducible, highly aesthetic and natural results.
  • Materials. Dr Lazaris is constantly implementing advanced materials and techniques that are changing the way modern dentistry is practiced. As an example,  Nano-hybrid composite/porcelain materials are more closely mimicking natural teeth in their physical and optical properties. Their highly durable and tough nature allows for extremely conservative treatment options that preserve tooth structure and integrity.
  • Invisalign and Acceledent. Invisalign’s proprietary Clincheck software is used to precisely plan and implement tooth movement in orthodontic cases. This has become an indispensible tool for complex cosmetic cases where accurate tooth positioning is critical to the aesthetic outcome of our cases. We have recently introduced the Acceledent soft-pulse technology to stimulate faster, more accurate tooth movements, cutting treatment times in half.

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