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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is about expressing and capturing the essence of your personality. Often, it is one of the first things people notice about you and it communicates to others how you feel about yourself. Even a subtle change in your smile can make an exceptional difference to the way you look and feel. If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, a cosmetic dental consultation with Dr Lazaris is the first step to a radiant new smile and confident new you.

YouTube phenomenon and “it girl” Lauren Curtis describes her cosmetic dental experience with Dr Angelo Lazaris.

One of Australia’s fave beauty vloggers, Shani Grimmond also describes how Dr Lazaris transformed her teeth.

Melbourne beauty Danielle Mansutti, describes her experience with Dr Angelo Lazaris

what is cosmetic dentistry?
With a focus on achieving highly aesthetic and natural looking smiles, cosmetic dentistry in its many forms addresses a wide variety of conditions that detract from the appearance of your smile. Used individually or in combination, spectacular and long lasting results can be achieved with the latest innovations in dental materials and techniques. Some examples of cosmetic dental procedures available in our practice include:

what’s involved?

Take a moment to evaluate the appearance of your teeth, the features that bother you and what changes you would like. Cosmetic dental procedures are as individualised as you are, and treatment is always catered to your personal goals. Identifying these problems is often difficult for the layperson, but Dr Lazaris’ approach always begins with helping you articulate the issues that concern you most.


After an informal discussion with Dr Lazaris about your personal concerns and treatment goals, he will undertake a thorough examination to determine the existing health and aesthetic status of your teeth and mouth. From there Dr Lazaris will discuss with you in detail his findings, diagnosis and suggestions for cosmetic dental treatment that will help you achieve your goals. His acuity and expertise in aesthetic facial and dental assessment will most likely also identify some areas that you may not have even considered. Together, you will collaboratively determine the treatment approaches and sequences that will be specifically tailored to your individual case.


The key to a successful treatment outcome is highly dependent on accurate diagnosis, intimate and detailed knowledge of facial and dental aesthetics and cosmetic dental procedures. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, Dr Lazaris insists on taking a complete photographic  radiographic survey and study models of each and every case to ensure that no detail is missed and the highest quality results are consistently achieved.


With pre-treatment photographs and records at his disposal, Dr Lazaris then spends hours of non-clinical time designing your new smile. Careful attention is paid to addressing your cosmetic concerns and stylising the new smile to suit your individual character. A virtual mock up of the intended treatment outcome is created on your models ready for your cosmetic dental preview and evaluation.


One of the main reasons that people hesitate in proceeding with cosmetic dental procedures is that they are unsure of the final outcome. This appointment is the critical stage that sets Dr Lazaris apart from many other “cosmetic dentists”. With the aid of an aesthetic prototype, Dr Lazaris will fit an acrylic replica of the intended treatment results onto your teeth for your personal evaluation BEFORE any actual treatment has commenced. You will have the peace of mind in knowing exactly what to expect from your treatment with no nasty surprises when it’s all too late.

Naturally, these techniques are used only as guides, but are invaluable aids in allowing you to decide on the treatment that is right for you, and eliminate any apprehension you may have about the final result. Once you have decided on the desired outcome, we can develop a personalised plan outlining details on the scope and cost of treatment to create the smile you’ve always wanted.


why Dr Lazaris?

  • Dr Lazaris has mastered exceptional diagnostic and clinical skills with over 20 years experience in cosmetic dental procedures.  His attention to detail in every aspect of cosmetic dental treatment has seen Dr Lazaris become one of the most experienced and respected dentists in Sydney.
  • Dr Lazaris has the academic knowledge to supplement his clinical skills. He is one of a handful of dentists worldwide who has been accepted for the Postgraduate Masters Program run by the prestigious Kings College in London and is uniquely qualified for all cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Dr Lazaris designs and creates the smile forms himself. Often this critical phase of treatment is delegated to laboratory technicians or not performed at all, resulting in substandard results.  Dr Lazaris insists in controlling every stage of the process himself, spending hours in his onsite laboratory characterising each smile to suit the individual.
  • Dr Lazaris has implemented the most advanced cosmetic dental techniques in every aspect of his treatments and incorporates innovative treatment philosophies and principles that are almost exclusively taught in advanced dental education institutes to ensure naturally beautiful and long-lasting results.
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transform your smile today
Dr Lazaris is one of the most reputable dentists in Sydney for cosmetic dental treatment. From his boutique office located conveniently in the heart of the Sydney CBD, his focus on patient comfort, beautiful results and treatment longevity make him the right choice for your cosmetic dental needs.

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