Questions To Ask A Cosmetic Dentist

Dental Care Tips | 3rd March 2022

A beautiful smile is something that can change the aesthetics of your face, and with the incredible advances in cosmetic dentistry, that award-winning smile is easier to achieve than ever before. Though you may be committed to the idea of engaging the services of a cosmetic dentist in Sydney, there are a few key questions that you should ask your dentist before you begin the procedures.


What is the easiest way to fix a crooked smile? 

Each case is unique, therefore there are are a range of options to fix crooked smiles. We are happy to discuss this with you at an initial consultation appointment.

During this appointment, it is a good idea to let our dentists know the issues you have with the appearance of your teeth so that they can offer a course of treatment that will be suitable in your case.

How long does cosmetic dentistry last? 

If you are looking at investing in your smile, it is always good to understand the lifespan of the investment you are making. Things like dental implants can last you a lifetime if properly looked after, but alternatives such as composite veneers may need a little more maintenance over time. For the sake of your future smile, it is best to understand what you should be doing daily to care for the work that your Sydney cosmetic dentist has done on your smile to give yourself the longest possible life for your beautiful smile.

What will my smile look like once the work is complete? 

With vast improvements in 3D imaging in recent years, a good cosmetic dentist will be able to provide you with an accurate representation of what your smile will look like once your treatments are completed. If you are including cosmetic injectables into your cosmetic dentistry work, these can change other features of your facial aesthetics. Accordingly, it is best to discuss the projected outcomes with our dentists and make sure that you are happy with the direction you are taking together, before commencing with any treatments.

How will cosmetic dental work affect my oral hygiene? 

Though the central focus of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile, it can also help you to maintain good oral hygiene. Something as simple as visiting a cosmetic dentist in Sydney for teeth whitening will involve a full dental clean, which will help to protect your teeth from any long-lasting bacteria. When it comes to your smile, it is always best to trust the professionals with what chemicals will and will not damage your teeth in the future. A quality cosmetic dentist in Sydney will be able to explain the difference to you between these products and ensure that your oral health is not affected in any negative ways.

When you choose to have cosmetic dental work done in Sydney, it is essential to find a dentist that you can trust. Whether you are asking about their qualifications or you choose a particular clinic for the cosmetic services that they specialise in, an open and communicative relationship with your cosmetic dentist is the key to achieving the best possible results. Contact our team at Sydney Cosmetic Dentist to see how we can answer all of your questions and share your journey to the perfect smile.

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